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3.5″ x 2.5″ STICKERS

3.5″X2.5″ Stickers are printed on special sticker material with high gloss coating. If you’d like to receive discounts, please join our MAILING LIST.

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One Color - Front

  • 1,000 $138
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  • 2,500 $207
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  • 5,000 $289
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  • 10,000 $529
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Full Color - Front

  • 1,000 $141
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  • 2,500 $212
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  • 5,000 $296
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  • 10,000 $543
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  • We will design the best sticker for your business, organization or event.



  • Turnaround (Printing+Shipping): 5-7 Business Days
  • Free shipping to Contiguous U.S.
  • Acceptable Files: .tiff, .jpg, .pdf  /  CMYK  /  0.25” Bleed
  • Submit Files at 300 dpi
  • Each sticker comes individually with Crack’N Peel on the back
  • High gloss UV coating



Customized Stickers For All Businesses and Organizations


Customized stickers are great tools and you can turn them to anything. You mail or ship things? Then you can use the customized stickers as discount coupons. Why not using them as wine label for your home made wine that you sell at the festivals. You have a direct mail campaign and you want to offer different sets of offers to different locations. Then you can place one of your customized stickers on the your flyers and you track the response rates of all sets of the offers. These stickers are full color and coated with high gloss coating. Customized stickers have its own flexibility that allows you to add your personal touch while creating them. Your imagination is unlimited so the customized stickers. With our help in custom sticker printing, and through your innovative thinking and creativity you can turn these stickers into a great marketing tool. Use our online custom sticker printing and design services today.