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6″ x 9″ STICKERS

6″X9″ Stickers are printed on special sticker material with high gloss coating. If you’d like to receive discounts, please join our MAILING LIST.

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One Color - Front

  • 1,000 $379
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  • 2,500 $482
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  • 5,000 $687
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  • 10,000 $1,178
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Full Color - Front

  • 1,000 $391
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  • 2,500 $493
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  • 5,000 $703
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  • 10,000 $1,208
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  • We will design the best sticker for your business, organization or event.



  • Turnaround (Printing+Shipping): 5-7 Business Days
  • Free shipping to Contiguous U.S.
  • Acceptable Files: .tiff, .jpg, .pdf  /  CMYK  /  0.25” Bleed
  • Submit Files at 300 dpi
  • Each sticker comes individually with Crack’N Peel on the back
  • High gloss UV coating



Make Instructions Easy to Find with Custom Label Stickers / Custom Sticker Labels


If your customers need instructions in order to assemble their purchases, you need to make sure that the directions are easy for them to find. One way to do this is by printing the instructions on custom label stickers, which will make them stand out from the other information in the package. Our graphic design team can help you create 6”x9” custom sticker labels that are easy for customers to read so that they can start using their products as soon as possible. You will love how easy it is to apply these crack-n-peel custom label stickers to the packaging, and your customers will love how easily they can see the instructions that they will need to follow. Custom sticker labels are also very effective marketing tools that can be used to reach the wide target audience for sales, memberships, events, festivals and political campaigns.