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Waterproof & Tear – Resistant door hangers are printed on 10PT waterproof paper. Silky smooth texture. If you’d like to receive discounts, please join our MAILING LIST.

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Full Color, One Sided

  • 100 $344
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  • 250 $363
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  • 500 $428
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  • 1,000 $581
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  • 2,500 $1,292
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Full Color, Two Sided

  • 100 $360
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  • 1,000 $629
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  • We will design the best door hanger for your business or your money back.



  • Turnaround (Printing+Shipping): 7-11 Business Days
  • Free shipping to Contiguous U.S.
  • Acceptable Files: .tiff, .jpg, .pdf  /  CMYK  /  0.25” Bleed
  • Submit 2 Files (300 dpi): 1 file for front side, 1 file for back side
  • Free Die Cut Options: Standard  –  Arch  –  Starburst
  • Waterproof Material: 10 PT thick waterproof paper, it is not a card stock. Tear resistant & 100% waterproof. Very durable in outdoor conditions. Material has a smooth, silky texture



Waterproof Door Hangers are Ideal for Advertising in Any Weather


If you have resisted the urge to order door hangers because you are afraid that they will disintegrate in your wet climate, then now is the time to give up the fight. We offer waterproof door hangers that will withstand the drizzle and rain so that your message can be seen by the residents of your town. Whether you want to place them on the doors of apartments or around neighborhood homes, these quality door hangers will remain beautiful even when the skies are cloudy and gray.



Waterproof Door Hanger Printing


Our waterproof door hangers will survive for a long time because they are designed to stay in good shape even in the toughest outdoor conditions! With waterproof door hanger printing you will get the strongest door hangers you can ever get. The waterproof material that we use is also tear-resistant that makes the door hangers extremely durable, they will endure any outside weather conditions. The silky smooth texture makes these door hangers attractive. If you’re looking for beauty and endurance in your door hangers than our waterproof door hangers are the solution.