We know that getting attention is not your goal. You want customers.


Let’s make a quick test right now. Pick the funniest or most interesting TV spot you saw and try to remember which brand was it from. Chances are you can’t. That’s when your Graphic Hero comes in.

We know that getting attention is not your goal. You want customers. You want sales. We’ll work towards that goal. To get your business growing. We’re here to help you get more than just attention; we’re here to help you get customers buying your products or services.








Quality printing at low cost is possible.


You have great products or services. You have professionally designed marketing documents with catchy messages and pricing. Now what? Of course you want to spread the message. We’re here to help you to spread your message with quality printing within your budget.

Unlike online printing companies, you will get personal service and even professional advice from us. In every step, we will help you to get the most out of your marketing budget.








Branding services for small business must focus in sales first.


Brands have the power to trigger people. Brands get the majority of the market. Many small businesses try to implement branding as well. They imitate the big brands. They follow the instructions. Then nothing happens.

At Graphic Hero, we know what works for small businesses. Branding is just “one word”. We designed our branding services for small businesses to find that “one word” but without missing the purpose. Sales first!








Build authentic marketing communications.


From creating a brand, corporate identity and logo to designing/printing marketing documents, we’ll help you to build authentic marketing communications. If you want to drive so many customers to your business that your competitors get really uncomfortable, contact us.

Creativity is the most powerful force in business. Why? Because thanks to it, we can find new ways to drive more customers to your business.








Direct mail might be your best friend.


Direct mail will help any business and organization to get more customers. Even google is using direct mail (we receive 4-5 direct mails a year from google). If you haven’t been successful on direct mail yet, we can definitely change that.









You’re a business owner who has extra time and/or you’re entrepreneur minded. You want to build more. You want to do more business. Most likely we can work together.


Do you have hunger to do more business and build more? Perhaps this is a unique chance for you to build more. If you’re a creative type, it’s even better. The World runs on creativity so be part of this creative business opportunity. 

Action and results speak itself. If you’re entrepreneur minded person, you know that already. Consider the opportunity to join forces with like minded people.








This is nothing to do with supporting one political party or another or not supporting any party at all. This is about common sense!


We need to use the professionals here not in other countries. Also we need to hire companies that don’t send jobs to overseas. At Graphic Hero we appreciate where we live. We don’t send jobs-projects-money to overseas.

It’s a common sense! If you send a project to overseas, because you think it’s cheap (actually it’s not if you want results). And if millions of orders each year are being sent to overseas. This is what’s happening in our industry. Well obviously your business will suffer in return. It is a common sense! 









Don’t just get attention.
Start getting customers today!








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